The Burning GirlThe Burning Girl by Claire Messud
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received this book free from PenguinRandomHouse Canada in exchange for an honest review. This book follows the friendship of Cassie and Julia. They have been best friends since meeting as small children. As they move into adolescence their friendship starts to change. Julia comes from a stable, close knit family whereas Cassie's home life is much more conflicted. It becomes even more unstable as Cassie's mother marries. Julia's family also has the economic ability to send her to college and the expectations of her are higher than they are for Cassie. The friendship starts to unravel as Cassie seeks out different people to hang out with and her priorities change. She is seen as a party girl and she has no use for Julia any longer. Cassie's problems continue as the book progresses bringing us to the climax of the book. While I liked this book I didn't love it. It seemed rather generic to me.

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