The Reluctant HealerThe Reluctant Healer by Andrew Himmel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book from Smith Publicity for an honest review. I accepted this book because the premise intrigued me and this was not a book I would naturally pick up. This is the story of Will, a NYC lawyer. He meets a girl that intrigues him but he soon realizes their ideas and interests are not at all similar. Erica considers herself a natural healer and is immersed in meditation and energies, pursuits that are not at all realistic in Will’s world. Although he finds Erica slightly wacky he is still very interested in her. Early on in their relationship Erica tells Will that he is also a natural healer with even stronger abilities than hers. Will is very skeptical but as time passes he begins to see that maybe some of what Erica believes is true. Ultimately Will is caught between logic and science and auras, chakras, and energies. The book is engaging and the characters were interesting. I found the book well written for a first time author.

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