The Perfect SonThe Perfect Son by Lauren North
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thank you Penguin Random House for my free review copy. Wow! This was a good domestic suspense book that kept my interest throughout. Tess wakes up in the hospital with stab wounds and no memory except that she knows her 8 year old son, Jamie, is missing. She has recently suffered the loss of her husband and she has been working through her grief along with Jamie. Her unsupportive brother in law is trying to get money from her that he says her husband Mark owed him. This compounds the anxiety Tess feels because she knows nothing about this loan and she begins to wonder what else she doesn’t know. As she continues to struggle emotionally her mother hires a grief counsellor to help her. Shelley enters her life and starts to completely take over. Jamie loves Shelley and Tess alternates between being glad about that or jealous. More strange events happen and Tess wonders who is behind it all. But the question remains, how did Tess get stabbed and where is Jamie? I found this book suspenseful and creepy. I really enjoyed the way this book was written and thought the ending was great.

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