Friends and Other Liars: A NovelFriends and Other Liars: A Novel by Kaela Coble
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a free ARC of this book from Source books for an honest review. I just have to say this story broke my heart a couple of times. Ruby reluctantly returns to her home town for the first time in ten years for the funeral of her friend Danny. Ruby and Danny had been a part of a group they formed as childhood friends that they dubbed “the crew”. Ruby left right after high school and hasn’t seen any of the crew since that summer ten years ago. Danny’s death is a suicide and after the funeral his mom tells the crew that he has left each of them a note. They all convene at his mom’s house to receive their notes. What they discover is that Danny has written a secret that he knew about each of them on their individual notes. His goal is that they all divulge their secrets to the group. They soon realize that Danny felt very let down by his friends in the years before his death. He also states that if they fail to divulge their secrets that he has set up ways that they will be exposed. Secrets and lies are revealed throughout the book and friendships are re-evaluated. Danny’s friendships with each member of the crew and their abandonment of him are brought to light. All of the characters are well written. The story is well paced and kept my attention throughout. Some of the characters actions and decisions were disappointing and this made the book more compelling but heartbreaking. I was sorry to see this book end.

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