Rash: a memoirRash: a memoir by Lisa Kusel
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When the author asked if I would review her book she described it as anti Eat Pray Love. Since I was one of the few people who disliked that book this piqued my interest. She also said that the premise of her book was that her family upended their lives in California to move to Bali and in her words “it pretty much sucked”. Lisa and her husband and their young daughter decide to shake up their lives and try something new. Victor, a teacher, decides to teach at a new eco friendly school in Bali. What’s not to love? They get to live in beautiful Bali, Lisa can write, Victor can teach at this cutting edge school, and their daughter Loy will get a great education. As it turned out none of this happened. All the promises the school administration made about the school and their staff accommodations were false. The school didn’t live up to its potential in any way. They did get quality teachers but they had no ability to teach as they were promised. The housing situation was horrendous. Lisa’s descriptions of the heat, bugs, mold, etc were so vivid that you almost felt you were living it. Victor, an amazing person all around, persevered with the teaching conditions and his disillusionment a lot longer than most people would have. Although it was initially Lisa who was the driving force behind the move from their life in California to Bali, she fared the worst. While Victor and Loy carried on, Lisa was mired down in complaints and misery. I can’t say I blame her though. This was not the Bali that most of the tourists see. This was living in tough conditions. Lisa doesn’t sugarcoat how poorly she adapted and the stress it put on her marriage. This book is not all doom and gloom however. There are a lot of light hearted moments as well. Interesting information about Bali is found throughout the book. I really liked the writing style. If you like adventure books check this out. I got caught up in the story and really enjoyed it!

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