Stray: Memoir of a RunawayStray: Memoir of a Runaway by Tanya Marquardt

Thank you to Little a Publishing for a free copy of this book for review. This was an interesting book that kept me wanting more. The author tells her story of her dysfunctional upbringing and how she lived and survived up to age 17 when the book ends. It is truly heartbreaking to read about the emotional and at times physical abuse she suffered and it is so commendable that she overcame her childhood. Throughout the turmoil she continued her education and went on to university and a successful career. I had some problems with the timeline in places which threw me off a little. I think the book would have been even more impactful if it had continued. The book ends just as she is going to start university and I would have liked to hear how she turned her life around and to learn about her relationship with her family now. I think this would have given the book more closure and given us a better sense of how she became the person she is today.

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