My Ex-Best Friend's WeddingMy Ex-Best Friend's Wedding by Wendy Wax

Thank you to PenguinRandom House Canada for this free review copy. This is a wonderful story centered around three strong women. Bree and Lauren grew up like sisters and they planned to move to New York together as soon as they were done high school. At the last minute Bree changed her mind and didn’t go. To make matters worse, she married Lauren’s high school boyfriend. That was 20 years ago. Now Lauren is coming home to introduce her mom, Kendra, to her fiancé and try on the wedding dress that has been passed on for generations. As the story is told by Kendra, Bree, and Lauren we get a well rounded view of their relationships to each other and their misunderstandings and regrets. I loved learning more about the setting which is the Outer Banks of North Carolina. These three women were all interesting to get to know. This is a book about friendship, family, and forgiveness. I found the book well written and I really enjoyed the plot and the characters.

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