The SeasonairesThe Seasonaires by Janna King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from Kathleen Carter Communications #partner for an honest review. When this book arrived I hadn’t heard of a seasonaire before. After checking it out it appears to be quite common in Europe. Ski resorts and clothing and ski equipment companies hire twenty somethings to be brand ambassadors for their products. Their goal is to promote it constantly through social media platforms. This book is set in Nantucket so I was intrigued to read about the life of seasonaires there for the summer. The main character, Mia, is one of the six seasonaires hired to represent the Lyndon Wyld clothing brand. What a great way to spend the summer right? This is a well paid job where you live in a mansion and spend your days in the sun, surf, partying, and most of all showing this all on social media. There is competition and rivalry in the house as they all compete to have the most followers, likes, views, etc on their posts. Mia is the most naive and likeable of her house mates and you empathize with her as she navigates these chaotic few weeks. Through all the of the perks and abundance’s of the summer there is also the underside of their life on Nantucket that involves sex, greed, drug use, abuse etc. And for more excitement there is a murder to solve. The social media aspect and the power it holds is a major and interesting factor in this book. I enjoyed my time with the seasonaires. This would be a great summer beach read and it’s a great debut book for this author.

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