A Good Enough MotherA Good Enough Mother by Bev Thomas
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thank you to Penguin Random House Canada for a free copy of this book for review. This is a tough book to review as I liked it but it was very slow. It took a lot of time for anything to happen in this domestic drama. Ruth is a psychotherapist and is held in high regard amongst her peers. We know there are going to be issues when she decides to take on Dan’s case. The problem is that she is intrigued by Dan as he reminds her of her missing son. Tom has been gone for two years and Ruth is not coping well with his disappearance. Her family life has also fallen apart with estrangement from her daughter and husband. Ruth keeps all these problems locked inside her. While I did feel sorry for Ruth, on many levels, she also frustrated me with her unhealthy attachment to Dan. We know this is not going to end well for her. I enjoyed the writing and the story but the book moved just a little too slowly I think.

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