The Matchmaker's ListThe Matchmaker's List by Sonya Lalli

This is my stop on the blog tour for The Matchmaker’s List. This book is written by a debut Canadian author. I’m always interested in books where the story is centered in Canada, since so few are, so this appealed to me. Another aspect that drew me to this book was the chance to read more about a culture different than my own. This book takes place in Toronto and the main character is Raina who is about to turn thirty. Raina is of Indian descent and a few years ago she told her grandma that she could help her find a husband if she was unmarried at age thirty. As her birthday approaches, her Nani creates a list of hopefully suitable husbands. She develops her list with advice of her friends in the Indian community where she is a very active member. Needless to say Nani’s list doesn’t work out so well for Raina. As the dates begin there are some funny and cringeworthy suitors and events. Further complicating Raina’s life is the return of her ex boyfriend. This was the man that Raina felt was her soul mate and the person she really wanted to build a future with. After many match made dates and much soul searching Raina decides to make some major changes in her life. There were some plot points that I didn’t agree with and felt detracted from the rest of the story but I’ll let you decide on that. The substance of the story is good and was enjoyable but I was uncomfortable with certain issues. So does Nani’s matchmaking list help Raina find a husband? Does she even really want a husband or is she trying to conform to what she’s been raised to believe is the right path in life? This book is on sale Feb 5, 2019.

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